House of Tartts

The Main House

The Mesinna Family; Antone E., Catherine, Fank, Guy, Vivion

William Floyd built this Classic Revival house in 1886 for Frank and Anthony Messina.  Anthony and Catherine Messina lived in the house and raised their nine children.  It remained in the family for 100 years.  The house is Classic revival with a wide center hall which allows access to all of the rooms.  The walls were originally plaster on cypress lath.  The floors are heart pine.  In 2000, Innes and Ouida Tartt renovated the house, restoring the wrap-around porch and adding a dormer for the loft bedroom.  Descendants of the Messina family have shared the photo and history of this historic home.

The Carriage House

This quaint two story cottage with floor level second story windows  originally stood on the corner of 4th Street and Avenue C, across from the Gibson Inn.  In 1925, Guiseppe and Madaline Taranto bought the house where they raised their five children.  Eventually, the Gibson Inn acquired the house and used it for offices and storage.  In 2005, Innes and Ouida Tartt rescued this charming character cottage and moved it to the garden of the House of Tartts, 115 4th Street.   Although the house now sits ten feet above ground, duplicating the porch posts and siding type maintained the integrity of this historic cottage.  The interior is lovingly restored and provides a unique historic accommodation.